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Our Story

Inspired by Tradition, Motivated by Perfection

We are fifth generation farmers with roots dating back to 1905, where our great great grandfather Jacob Droge homesteaded in the area known as the Dry Hills. Over 100 years later this same farm is now known as Droge Farm, Inc. Our oldest brother branched off the family farm and started his own operation known as London Hills Farm in the Harrison area over 19 years ago. Between the two family farms we raise several hundred acres of certified seed potatoes and several thousand acres of mixed cereal grains.

When we founded Dry Hills Distillery, we set out to create something genuinely unique and special through our spirits that exemplified the character from which they are made. We wanted to make real craft spirits the right way even if it meant doing it the hard way. For years we looked around our family farm with its dark fertile soil and abundance of pure mountain water and felt that we had the perfect platform for creating world class spirits. Whether it be from the premium certified seed potatoes that we raise to the select high country grains, we knew we had the opportunity to create something truly exceptional. By providing a new opportunity to utilize our farms commodities we knew we were not only able to create these new products but also elevate the farms production and marketability.

All the products we create at Dry Hills Distillery are sourced off our family farms, and every part of your spirit is designed and touched by our hands from the field to the bottle to be a truly hand crafted Montana made spirit.

Jeff & Erica Droge are the managing members of Dry Hills Distillery. A few years ago they attended Moonshine University where they met some truly inspiring people and even met their Pastor in Kentucky, and after getting married they settled out on the family farm. Their roots of this organization run deep within their spirit making. Keeping the family farms in their hearts through this whole business venture has always been their focus. We are excited to bring true Montana Farm to Bottle Spirits to the table and to share among family and friends for generations to come.

We Grow Good Times!

Dry Hills Distillery Owners 2023.

Owners pictured above from left to right:
Terrence & Calette Droge
Jeff & Erica Droge
Glenn & Jenness Droge
Tim & Amber Droge
Brooks & Kate Marshall

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