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Bulk Spirits | Private Labels

Authentic Montana Farm to Bottle Spirits

NOTICE: We are only accepting Contract Distilling Clients at this time.

Dry Hills Distillery offers the unique ability to craft products specific to your brand from the commodities we raise on our fifth generation, family farms.

Product Development

We offer product development contracts to create something genuine, exclusive and exceptional, through our knowledge and experience in the industry.

Custom Mash Bill

We will work with you to generate a complete custom mash-bill that represents your brand and taste. Being a 100% farm-to-bottle distillery, we have the ability of bringing in the finest ingredients, such as Spring Wheat, Winter Wheat, Malt Barley, Corn, Rye and Potatoes. Together we can generate a neutral spirit or a whiskey that fits your brand profile with competitive pricing.

Contract Distilling

We offer contract distilling services for our customers. Whether you are an active distillery that can't keep up with production needs or a brand owner that wants to focus on the sales and marketing, not the investment of operating a distillery, we can help you exceed your goals.

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