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Montana Huckleberry Vodka Release

Montana Huckleberry Vodka Release

Published: March 1, 2024
Author: Dry Hills Distillery
Category Tags: News

The goal for our Huckleberry Vodka was to faithfully capture the essence of wild mountain huckleberries. 
Montana is known for the sweet and tart wild berries that grow in mountain valleys along streams fed by snow melt. 
Those same streams flow out of the mountains and provide the water necessary to grow our farm’s potatoes that become Hollowtop Vodka. 
The soft and creamy texture of our potato vodka is complemented by the bright sweet flavor of huckleberries, into a product that captures the spirit of our rugged mountainous home. 
Montana Huckleberry Vodka is bottled at 80 Proof and made from 100% Altura Potatoes, grown right here in the Gallatin Valley on our Family Farm- just a few backroads away from our distillery.
Montana Huckleberry Vodka will be released first to the 2024 Estate Club Members on Friday, March 15th during our exclusive launch party. It will be available to the public on Saturday, March 23rd for our 8th Anniversary.
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